Population genomics and evolution of Albugo candida plant pathogen


Cock van Oosterhout (UEA), Jonathan Jones (TSL), Matt Clark (EI)


Albugo candida is a fungus-like parasite which is an obligate biotroph, living off live plant tissue. Unlike other Albugo spp. which are species specific, A. candida consists of different races that can infect >200 host plant species. It causes “white blister” disease on important crops, including rapeseed and cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli, cabbage, sprouts).


Why and how does A. candida infect so many host plant species?

ELSA project

We will test the hypothesis that genetic exchange between races through recombination allows for rapid evolution and analyse this with newly in-house developed software that can visualise the signal of genetic exchange across multiple genomes.

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