NRP Funded Projects

NRP Science Links Seed Fund

The Norwich Research Park Science Links Seed Fund was established to support researchers based at two or more of the Park’s partner institutions in the development of exciting new research collaborations.  The funded projects (<£15k) are generally multidisciplinary since the most exciting discoveries are often made at the interfaces between different science areas. Calls are made annually and projects funded listed in the table below showing the diversity of science undertaken.

Project Principal Investigator Co-Investagtor(s)
Leukaemia driven transcriptional reprogramming of the bone marrow microenvironment Kristian Bowles (UEA) Stuart Rushworth (UEA), Federica Di Palma (EI), Lisa Skipper (EI), Walter Verweij (EI), Matthew Clark (EI), Matthew Lawes (NNUH), Nish Chirodian(NNUH)
The spatial organisation of antibiotic production in Streptomyces Gabrielle Kelemen (UEA) Mervyn Bibb (JIC), Grant Calder(JIC), Paul Thomas (UEA)
Cu-Char Brian Reid (UEA) Gary Rowley (UEA), Andrew Gates (UEA), Tony Miller (JIC)
The role of the microbiota in breast cancer Stephen Robinson (UEA) Lindsay Hall (QIB)
Mucin-derived sialic acids and obesity: the missing link of the gut-brain axis? Nathalie Juge (QIB) Michael Müller (UEA/QIB), Mohammad Hajihosseini (UEA)
A Molecular Comparison of Plaque Erosion versus Plaque Rupture in Patients with Myocardial Infarction: Plaque Erosion Pilot Study (PEPS) Alisdair Ryding (NNUH) Marcus Flather (NNUH), Kristian Bowles (UEA), Stuart Rushworth (UEA), Jelena Gavrilovic (UEA), Sam Fountain (UEA), Mark Wilkinson (NNUH)
DNA Gyrase:- Proving the promise of a method to selectively target a novel drug target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Chris Hamilton (UEA) Tony Maxwell (JIC)
Generating novel glycopeptides via an integrated (bio)synthetic approach Andrew Truman (JIC) Sean Bew (UEA)
Novel mechanisms regulating reproduction. Tracey Chapman (UEA) Simon Moxon (EI), Tamas Dalmay (UEA)
IFR-UEA Food Fraud MOOC (Massive Open On-line Course) Kate Kemsley (QIB) Simon Kelly (UEA), Stephen Day (UEA), Liz Rix (UEA), Simon Lancaster (UEA), Helena Gillespie (UEA)
Investigating the crossroads of the gut-brain axis: Chemokines and Opioid receptors Peter McCormick (UEA) Simon Carding (IFR)
Unveiling Commensal Bacterial Protein Glycosylation byHigh-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy Jesus Angulo (UEA) Nathalie Juge (IFR)
Using sequence capture to investigate the spatio-temporal evolutionary dynamics of immune genes in natural vertebrate populations. David S Richardson (UEA) Matt Clark (EI)
Harmful Algal Blooms on the Norfolk Broads Jenny Pratscher (UEA) Colin Murrell (UEA), Rob Field (JIC), Diane Saunders (EI), Matt Clark (EI), Dan Hoare (Broads Authority)
Metagenomics of pollen for ecological applications Matt Clark (EI) Douglas Yu (BIO)
Defining the implication of Sirtuin1 in chronic liver disease Naiara Berazza (IFR) Simon Rushbrook (NNUH)
Profiling human gut bacterial sialic acid metabolism Nathalie Juge (IFR) Colin Murrell (UEA), Arjan Narbad (IFR), Rob Field (JIC)
Developing Galleria mellonella (Greater wax moth) as a model system to study the human gut microbiome Tony Maxwell (JIC) Lindsay Hall
Reference genome sequences for the unique Corydoras catfish system to investigate the evolutionary impacts of polyploidisation Martin Taylor (UEA) Levi Yant (JIC), Kirsten Bomblies (JIC)
Lost in translation? Modification of codons as a SynBio tool for diatoms Thomas Mock (UEA) Nicola Patron, Wiktor Jurkowski (EI)
Evaluation of single cell RNA sequencing in circulating tumour cells William Fraser (UEA) Iain Macaulay (EI)
CARPIOMICS: Development of genomic tools to improve the health, disease resistance and conservation of Europe and Asia’s most widely farmed freshwater fish, the Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Cock van Oosterhout, Jackie Lighten (UEA) Frederica di Palma (EI), David Stone (Cefas), Bernd Hanfling (U. Hull)
RNAi and pest control: an experimental investigation into the evolution of resistance and effects on non-target species Lewis Spurgin (UEA) Ian Bedford (JIC), Matthew Gage (UEA), Tracey Chapman (UEA)
Understanding the role of Streptomyces bacteria in plant roots and rhizosphere Matt Hutchings (UEA) Anne Osbourn (JIC), Colin Murrell (UEA)
Investigating codon optimisation and in vivo RNA structure in plants Ben Miller (UEA) Yiliang Ding (JIC)
Genetic underdominance as a novel method for pest control Tracey Chapman (UEA) Saskia Hogenhout (JIC)
Multi-phasic NMR analysis of composite nanocellulose hydrogels as plant cell wall mimics Fred Warren (QIB) Yaroslav Khimyak (UEA), Rob Field (JIC)
Shining a light on diabetic foot ulcers: exploiting imaging mass spectrometry to explore impaired healing and to refine an ex-vivo chronic wound model Jelena Gavrilovic (UEA) Ketan Dhatariya (NNUH), Jeremy Turner (NNUH), Cathie Martin (JIC)
Testing microbial IT-sialidase as a novel faecal biomarker of IBD Nathalie Juge (QIB) Alastair Forbes (UEA)
Optimising infection prevention in neonatal intensive care Paul Clarke (NNUH) Mark Webber(QIB)
Deconstructing somites using advanced genomics approaches Andrea Munsterberg (UEA) Alastair Forbes(UEA)
The role of small RNAs in complex gene regulatory networks in bread wheat Anthony Hall (EI) Tamas Dalmay (UEA), Simon Moxon (UEA)
The Gut-Brain Axis In AgeiNg (GAIN) Michael Hornberger (UEA) Simon Carding(QIB), Mizanur Khondoker (UEA)
Identifying novel microorganisms to promote human health Laura Lehtovirta-Morley (UEA) Simon Carding (QIB), Colin Murrell (UEA)
Assessing blood brain barrier permeability in mild cognitive impairment: A reliability study Narelle Berry (UEA) Donnie Cameron (UEA), Janak Saada (NNUH)
A GPU-accelerated machine-learning based agricultural vehicle navigation system for crop monitoring and trait analysis  Stephen Laycock (UEA) Ji Zhou (EI)


NRP Translational Fund

The Norwich Research Park Translational Fund, is aimed at increasing the likelihood of a successful commercial outcome or societal impact from the work of researchers and clinicians based on the Research Park. This fund is open to applications of between £15k and £50k developing research in any discipline and it is planned will continue until 2017 in the first instance.
Quarterly deadlines for applications are announced through the partners’ internal communications networks.

Current NRP Translational Fund Projects

Summaries of the NRP Translational Fund projects can be downloaded by clicking on the titles

Project Investigator(s)
A 3D Printed Synthetic Scaffold for Ex-vivo Human Colonic Tissue Culture Model Dr Aram Saeed (UEA) and Dr Mark Williams (UEA)
A Human Skin Platform on the NRP Dr Jelena Gavrilovic (UEA), Prof Cathie Martin (JIC), Dr Jeremy Turner (NNUH), Mr Marc Moncrieff (NNUH)
Biocontrol of Campylobacter and other pathogens in the poultry gastrointestinal tract Dr Arjan Narbad (IFR)
Detection and discrimination of human and avian influenza Prof David Russell (UEA), Prof Rob Field (JIC)
Development of Nutritional Information Solutions (‘NIS’) – a New Spin Out Business Dr Paul Finglas (IFR)
Development of Prototype Infrared Sensors for Predicting Dormancy Breaking in Potato Tubers Dr Kate Kemsley (IFR)
Façade: An Open Source Library for Visual Exploration of Genomic Data Dr Manuel Corpas (EI)
High Value Isotope Synthesis Dr Sean Bew (UEA)
iSNP – A Stratified Medicine Pipeline Prof Simon Carding (IFR), Dr Tamas Korcsmaros (EI/IFR), Dr Jo Brooks (IFR/UEA/NNUH)
MoveTech – State of the Art Loggers for Tracking Animal Dr Aldina Franco (UEA)
Novel Antimicrobials for the inhibition of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria associated with gut inflammation Dr Arjan Narbad (IFR) and Prof Michael McArthur (UEA)
Novel Commercial Surfactants from Synthetic Biology Prof Anne Osbourn (JIC)
Omix Navigator – A visualisation and data integration software for life sciences Dr Tamas Korcsmaros (EI)
Detection and discrimination of human and avian influenza Prof David Russell (UEA), Prof Rob Field (JIC)
Small RNA apps for the Illumina BaseSpace commercial store Prof Vince Moulton (UEA), Dr Christopher Applegate (UEA), Dr Matthew Stocks (UEA)
Path Rich – Pahthogen DNA enrichment from clinical samples Dr Justin O’Grady (UEA), Prof John Wain (UEA), Prof David Livermore (UEA), Dr Helen Williams (NNUH), Dr Lisa Crossman (
Pipeline for the discovery of new antibiotics Dr Barrie Wilkinson (JIC), Dr Matt Hutchings (UEA), Dr Matt Clark (EI), Prof Mervyn Bibb (JIC), Dr Andrew Truman (JIC), Dr Govind Chandra (JIC)
MODEAC: A novel software application for the economic evaluation of new pharmaceutical and other health technologies Prof Ric Fordham (UEA)
A Human Skin Platform on the NRP Dr Jelena Gavrilovic (UEA), Prof Cathie Martin (JIC), Dr Jeremy Turner (NNUH), Mr Marc Moncrieff (NNUH)
Stroke Rehabilitation: retraining walking-from concept to commercialisation Dr Nicola Hancock (UEA)
The Medieval Parish Churches of Norwich: City, Community and Architecture Prof Sandy Heslop (UEA)
The Natural Lead Structure Suggestion Tool Dr Thomas Wilhelm (IFR)
Validating new biomarkers for differentiating aggressive and non-aggressive Prostate Cancer Prof Colin Cooper (UEA)
CropQuant – The Next Generation Crop Monitoring Workstation for Precision Agriculture Dr Ji Zhou (EI/JIC)
Nitrate-sensor prototype development and testing Prof Tony Miller (JIC)
The Publishing Project Dr Philip Langeskov (UEA)

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