Microbial Interactions across the Norwich Research Park

Over 100 Early Career Researchers from across the Norwich Research Park came together for a One-Day Workshop on Microbial Interactions organised by the Microbes in Norwich Team and ELSA. The line-up features speakers from UEA, the Earlham Institute, Quadrum Institute of Biosciences, the John Innes Centre and an excellent, diverse range of topics were covered. These included plant-virus interactions, insect-microbe symbioses, bacteriophage-bacteria interactions and the human microbiome. The Plenary Lecture was given by Professor Itzik Mizrahi from the Department of Life Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. In a highly entertaining and inspirational lecture entitled “Persistent drivers of animal gut microbiome plasticity and persistence” he described cutting edge research aimed at understanding the ecological and evolutionary forces that shape microbial communities in nature and specifically, in gut environments, using both the gut of fish and the rumen of cattle as model systems. His research is enabling his research team to predict and modulate the composition of the microbiome with the overall goal of optimizing functionality. The large turnout of ECRs for this event highlights the great strength and breadth in microbiology across the Norwich Research Park and the opportunities to exchange new ideas and forge new collaborations.

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