Innovative Lunchbox Science scheme for schools grows internationally

Lunchbox Science is a set of eight new Science, Art and Writing projects for primary schools which were developed through a partnership between the Science, Art and Writing (SAW) Trust and Farming and Countryside Education (FACE).

The projects use practical science, creative writing and visual arts to explore the links between science and agriculture.  Each project focuses on one ingredient from a typical lunchbox and was designed by a research scientist working in collaboration with a professional artist and a professional writer.  Lesson plans for the projects have been written and a series of training workshops run at the Royal Norfolk Showground for teachers to learn how to run the projects themselves in schools. To roll out the project in the UK, a workshop for the FACE regional coordinators will help them introduce it into their areas reflecting regional agricultural strengths.

The SAW team worked with Norfolk County Council’s International Schools Programme linked to a bigger exchange programme with Chinese schools. Eight teachers will run Lunchbox Science projects this summer term and then travel to China in the autumn to share their projects with Chinese teachers. The Chinese schools will also run Lunchbox Science Projects but on items very different to UK schools. The schools will then exchange outputs to share with their classes so children can learn about what is being grown and eaten in schools on opposite sides of the world.


Lunchbox Science wheat session

Year 2 students find out about wheat at a Lunchbox Science event at Norfolk Showground

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