ELSA welcomes a new Independent Research Fellow Dr Laura Lehtovirta-Morley

Dr Laura Lehtovirta-Morley who has been recently awarded a Dorothy Hodgkin Royal Society Fellowship joins us from the University of Aberdeen and brings new expertise on Archaea to the Norwich Research Park. She is based in the School of Biological Sciences at UEA and now shares the ELSA lab with Colin Murrell, Jenny Pratscher and Andrew Crombie working on a number of aspects of the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur compounds in the environment.

Laura says: My research group studies the ecology and physiology of microorganisms involved in the terrestrial nitrogen cycle. We focus particularly on ammonia oxidising archaea, which are the key players in the global nitrogen cycle and among the most numerous living organisms on the Earth. We use enrichment and isolation, physiology and molecular approaches to understand how ammonia oxidising microorganisms adapt to their environment and the consequences these adaptations have for soil nitrogen cycling and climate change.

For more details on Laura’s research please see:


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