Norwich Research Park’s (NRP) six science partners form an international centre of excellence in life and environmental sciences research.  We have particular strengths in plant and microbial sciences, genetics and genomics, climate and geo-sciences and food, health and human nutrition.

Norwich Research Park partners: Earlham Institute (EI), Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB), John Innes Centre (JIC), Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (NNUH), Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) and University of East Anglia (UEA).

The Park’s 3000 researchers work within a 1km radius – facilitating collaboration and communication and access to research equipment and facilities across all partners. The Park is home to three of the BBSRC’s eight strategically funded National Institutes of Bioscience (EI, QIB, JIC) between them receiving over £50 million p.a. in research funding from the BBSRC.

Norwich Research Park is host to a number of science and technology companies based in commercial laboratory and office buildings. Click here to visit the main campus site

Explore our Research Alliances

Earth and Life Systems Alliance

The Earth and Life Systems Alliance (ELSA) is a strategic cornerstone of the Norwich Research Park (NRP). With its interdisciplinary approach to addressing the challenges of a changing climate, the Alliance not only carries out fundamental research but also applies the findings to real world scenarios.

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Food and Health Alliance

Scientists in the Food and Health Alliance (FAHA) on Norwich Research Park (NRP) work to understand the relationship between diet and human health. In particular they are responding to the increase in chronic diseases common to aging such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and the ‘metabolic syndrome’ associated with obesity. They have a special focus on the functioning of the GI tract and its microflora in healthy and diseased states.  A new focus for this area on NRP is now set to be provided by the Quadram Institute (QI).

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Industrial Biotechnology Alliance

The Industrial Biotechnology Alliance (IBA) is an engine for research on the Park. Its mission is to address the major societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century through the discovery and development of biological resources for producing and processing materials, chemicals and energy using plants and microbes as factories.

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